Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Pacific has created aquascapes on 4 different Destination hotels for this ownership team, the latest being the Terranea Resort which debuted in summer 2009. Pacific constructed a lake system including 30 mil PVC lining with an earth covered concrete shoreline, planter shelves, water quality filters, automatic fill control, mechanical and aeration. Pacific also installed a bioswale including 14,000s.f. of Enkamat lining and riprap. Finally, the stunning courtyard entrance includes a fountain designed and built by Pacific composed of a fountain basin with colored interior waterproofing, waterline tile, a precast fountain bowl with pineapple finial details, underwater lighting, underground pump station, and filtration.www.terranea.com/
8555C_Terranea_G. Foley
8555C_Terranea Resort Fountain_Sept 2009 (2)
8555C_Terranea Resort Fountain_Sept 2009